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Travel Tips

  1. Be early at the airport
  2. Stay calm and focused
  3. Watch your suitcase when at the airport
  4. Travel light
  5. Watch out for thieves
  6. Avoid changing money at the airport
  7. Don’t flash large amount of money in public
  8. Enjoy and have fun.
  • Wear something confortable
  • Don’t display affluence
  • Avoid layers, belts and under-wired bar
  • Don’t wear fussy or tough to remove shoes
  • Don’t wear expensive jewelry – expensive rings, watches, necklace
  • Passport / Visa
  • Government issued photo ID
  • Just enough cash
  • Universal charger
  • Mobile phone with charger and extra batteries
  • Mobile device with internet capability
  • Don’t bring any weapon if possible
  • Don’t bring anything you don’t want to lose
  • Unnecessary credit cards
  • Duplicate stuff
  • Irreplaceable family stuff
  • Valuable documents not needed in your travel
  • Be Safe With Us.

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    Our Vision

    To stable and strengthen position as no 01 tourism company with best quality, unique, innovative, excellent, competitive, friendly and very responsible services in Sri Lanka